Not only sheer luck but also the Baccarat table works on certain mathematics principles too. Understanding these facts will help you improve your chances to win.

The baccarat table is entirely on luck. But, the reality is math facts play a vital role in the provided table. The winning in the game of baccarat is based on 100% cards in the shoe. The dealer may use the 8 decks of cards in the game, but the game’s math never changes. Determine which mathematical principle will go well on the table, and the odds will work out the same way.

Math plays a vital role in this table game with a lower house edge and higher winning odds. The math works well on the mini and midi baccarat tables too. Let us now see the few things you need to know on how baccarat math influences the game.

The Player Wager Math

When playing this game, the banker, player, and tie are the hands-on that the player can wager. But, evaluate all the hands and see which gives you better results. In the real money baccarat, the player will not receive their hand. Two hands are dealt here where one is ‘player hand,’ and the other is ‘banker’s hand’. Even after the commission is deducted banker hand still plays a major role in this gameplay. As the house edge here is set at 1.24%, it means you can get a return of 98.76%. It is better than the bet provided in any other table game.

Banker Math

The banker is the best option in the baccarat game. Its math goes the return to player is 98.94%, with the house edge of 1.06%. If you carry out the banker’s bet, you will be paid the commission on the winning wagers. The normal commission you will receive is 5%, but a few tables will offer the reduced commission. The tables showing standard commission will provide a better return.

Tie Wager Math

The house edge for the Tie wager table is 14.36%. The experts’ state to refrain from getting a Tie on the table as banker hand or player hand is stated to be considerable. It is known as the worst wager, and players keep it for the last. Players must remember that the Tie wager is not close to the other two betting options.

The return to players offered here is 85.64%. To make it more clear, if you make a tie wager on $8,000, that means $8,000 times of 14.36% will equal $1,148.80. Over $8,000 worth of wager, you will lose over $1,000. It happens when the tie bet occurs. Therefore, expert players never bet on the tie in this game.

Considering Bet Sizes

The new players can start with the smallest wager on the baccarat table. The mini-baccarat table is best for the newbie. By betting the smallest wager, you can alleviate the house edge. So, if you want to experience the best outcome in this game, always wager on the banker’s hand with a small amount. The lowest wager possible can avert the chances of losing a significant amount.


The above math strategies show the banker’s hand is the most popular to play, and then comes the player’s hand. So, it is wise to wage with a lesser amount before you start becoming a pro in this game.


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