These are the best tips to use if you want to play an online Baccarat like a professional gambler. The guides are provided by the most extraordinary players in the field of Baccarat game, so don’t underestimate them at all.

In Baccarat, you have three options to choose when you place a bet. First, you can place a tie bet. Second, you can place a bet for the Dealer’s hand. And last but not least, you can place the profitable bet for the Player’s hand.

What’s the best bet you can place? Where’s the best place to play an online Baccarat game? And how to become a real professional Baccarat player? Find out the answers to these questions below. You are about to discover how to play Baccarat like a real pro. Here’s how, dear Baccarat enthusiasts:

  1. Play the bet for the Banker. The bet for the Banker’s hand is actually the bet for the Dealer’s hand.
  2. Check out the commission the casino you will charge with when you place the Dealer’s hand bet. In most online casinos the commission rate is around 5%. As a matter of fact, the standard is 5% – not more and not less. However, in the free economic world, which embraces the online gambling industry, too, the casinos have the right to change this rate. So make sure not to appear in a gambling house where the Dealer’s bet commission can reach up to 25%.
  3. When you make a loss after a placed bet on the Dealer’s hand, skip one turn. It’s how you can come back later back to your strategy for consistent game in Baccarat.
  4. Whatever you do, including if you decide to improvise with a bet for the Player’s hand, do not place any tie bets. The house edge for this bet is around 14%. To make a comparison, we will remind you that the odd to win with a Banker’s hand bet is at least 50%.
  5. When the casino asks you what Baccarat game you want to play, better choose the standard version. Baccarat game has also a hybrid version, called mini Baccarat. The bad thing about the mini Baccarat gameplay is that within it you will face more rounds. In this case, your consistent strategy for the Banker’s hand will fail in more losses, which means a bigger financial risk for your bankroll management system.
  6. Every time you play the bet for the Player’s hand and there’s a lost for you, do not skip a turn like we have advised you for the bets on the Dealer’s hand, but instead, place a Dealer’s hand bet. Of course, don’t forget that Player’s hand bets should be exceptions in your strategy when you plan an online Baccarat and want to win.

Follow these amazing tips and soon you will take the Baccarat pro’s shoes. We wish you lots of luck and big profits, guys.  


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