Check out some curious stats about the female and the male punters who enter link alternatif lapak303. Find out what’s the difference between women and men when it comes to playing online poker right now.

By all means, poker is one of the most legendary and amazing card games of all times. It’s been also one of the most played gambling products. Poker of any age, sex, job occupation and status daily enter link alternatif lapak303 to enjoy exciting poker services and earn some cash. However, we all know that men are Mars and women are from Venus. So, it would be weird if there were no differences between the female and male online poker players. Here’s what the specialists say about these differences:

  • Poker is more of a masculine game. According to the latest studies, only 10% of today’s online poker audience is female.
  • However, 90% of the female players are winners. Female players in poker might be fewer, but most of these active women in gambling are professional and experts. In short, we’ve got more male amateurs rather than female average players.
  • Male poker lovers are more aggressive in poker, while female players stick to the tight game style.
  • Female poker players are more attentive and prudent when it comes to researches and preliminary preparation for a game or for a specific tournament. Male poker players are not so involved in reading reviews for gambling operators and they don’t tend to get as much as possible education courses to become better gamblers.
  • There are more celebrities among the female players rather than in the community of poker show stars. We can even point out a lot of examples – 10% of today’s female players are models. There are also a lot of politicians and even movie stars.
  • Men have won the highest jackpots. According to the stats there are very few female punters who have succeeded in winning the biggest online poker tournaments. The same goes for all the ground casino poker events.
  • According to a very recent study in the field female poker players prefer to play on the go. They usually download casino apps, while male punters are keener in the old, but gold desktop poker mode. Probably, it’s tough for a housekeeper with kids to take care of to be able to have peaceful poker environment at home, which is why women tend to find options for a play via a mobile device while they are away from their houses.
  • Last, but not least, it turned out that online female poker lovers are more enthusiastic about trying new things. These are the punters who try new poker formats and tend to make registrations in more exotic online casinos in the internet. Males, on the other side, prefer to stick to the classic gambling providers.


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