Check out what today’s generation thinks about casino online activity. Find out what the youngest people of legal age say about gambling.

Casino Online world is accessible for literally anybody. No website is going to ask who you are or what your job position is to accept you in its community. Ok, there are indeed a couple of bookmakers that put bans for registrations to people from some certain countries, but these are exceptions, not part of the rule. And as to the age, you should be at least 18 years old to taste the sense of being in the online gambling market. Nothing else!

Speaking of age, it’s kind of logical that different generations have different opinions about…almost everything, of course! Youngsters and mature people make different comments about gambling, too.

Moreover, in a recent study it turned out that students – people from 15 to 26 years old – have kind of contrary opinion about casinos. To be more specific, the research ended up with a conclusion that there are two specific groups of opinions, which might divide the students into completely two different communities when it comes to legal gambling real-money entertainment.

Find out more in the lines below about what students thing about online gambling.

  1. Nearly 47% of the students claim that they feel safe in the online casinos. These are people who have grown in the digital era and they are used to provide their personal data to the websites. However, the experts claim that among these 47% of the youngsters there are people who don’t pay attention on the gambling company a lot. To be more specific, they take a certain online casino’s claim for being reliable for granted without making some checks about licensed and the company’s regulation policy.
  2. The most popular games for the students these days are slots and here’s the big surprise – the lotteries. For many years we have been thinking that lotto activity is a kind of an old-fashioned casino online product that’s mostly preferred by the baby boomers. However, it seems that the gambling companies are quite aware of what the young generation prefers, because there’s a huge progress in the modern lottery market these days.
  3. It’s an interesting fact that only 25% of the students active in gambling are keen in sport betting. To be more specific, all of the participants in the study admit they have tried the sport gambling market, but only one quarter of them is still keen in this activity. However, let’s not forget that bookmakers are still among the most preferred online gambling providers. All of these mean that the huge sport betting market has been driven by people above 40 years old.
  4. Last, but not least, according to the research, 67% of the youngest gamblers these days play slots, roulette or poker in the internet mostly aiming to cover their student loans. It’s a very interesting fact, because in past these same low-income youngsters preferred to rely on their parents.


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