Find out some basic information and significant facts about PokerQQ game. Do not miss to read this material to find some important facts about the gambling game that has driven Asian audience to madness.

PokerQQ is a new gambling product in the online casino market. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, we’ll say “Relax!”. We are here to provide you the entire information you need to know about this amazing game. Yes, you have read it correctly – that’s an amazing game you should definitely try. But before that check out everything you should know about it:

  • This is poker, guys! Don’t get it wrong. If you know poke rules, you are suitable to play PokerQQ, too. The difference might be seen, of course, it’s very small. The thing is that many specialists even call it just the Asian poker, but nothing else or something special to learn.
  • PokerQQ is a kind of a poker format. You do know at least two poker formats, we are sure about it – poker Omaha and Texas Hold Em poker. Well, this is a poker format, too. So don’t worry, you can play this game without reading tons of materials to get used to its terms and conditions.
  • This is a specific video game. We say it because most of PokerQQ offers are indeed provided as video games and most of the providers, themselves, though are based in Indonesia. For those of you, who are a bit suspicious about Indonesia as a country from the global gambling market, let’s say it straight: Indonesian betting houses are, as a matter of fact, very reliable and kind of amazing places in Asia to invest your money in for some gambling activity.
  • Many people make a correlation between PokerQQ and DominoQQ. And they should. Although in PokerQQ we don’t find any domino elements like in the DominoQQ, these two games have something specific in common. They are both modifications of traditional games. However, they are also in a relationship with poker. Last, but not least, these two excellent and profitable gambling products have been invented in Asia.
  • Last, but not least, PokerQQ is a game that has been known for years for its amazing jackpots. In the internet you will find a lot of cool poker jackpots and amazing slot prizes, but the truth is that this particular game leaves the competitors behind when it comes of high profits their fans can win. So isn’t this just a wonderful and logical reason to try it right away?

These are the fundamentals of PokerQQ. We hope you can know feel more confident about trying and testing it. For this purpose, though, don’t forget to find a decent and trustworthy casino where it’s available. The rest is up to you and your skills. Good luck, guys!


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