Read these cool Thaipokerleak tips for Baccarat. Find out how to make great profits from this simple casino game.

Recently, a popular gambling platform Thaipokerleak has announced that alongside with poker and slots, Baccarat has been one of the most preferred casino games. In my opinion, such a big breakthrough for Baccarat might be due to the fact that the Asian market has been progressively increasing and the local punters are kind of obsessed with this game. There’s something else, though, I cannot deny – Baccarat is a wonderful game that regardless of your current residence is worth it to be tested.

If you want to test Baccarat gameplay, too, rely on our guides. Since you might be a beginner in this thing, don’t decline any free tips. And I have even something more from that. I’ve got for you a cool set of secret tips to win regularly at Baccarat. Don’t waste any more time in doubts, but instead, read (reading is going to save the world, you know what I mean).

First of all, get aware of what Baccarat actually is

As a matter of fact, it’s a very easy to be learnt and understood game. This is a card game where the dealer deals cards for the player and for himself, while your goal is to collect as few cards as possible, but on mandatory with a total number of 9 or a close to 9. The bet you place is who’s going to win – you or the dealer. Any questions? Yeah, I know, it’s quite easy…

Avoid strategies with tie bets

The thing is that Baccarat is the casino game with one of the lowest high edges on two of its three bets. The bets are for the outcome – you (the player), the dealer and tie. Usually, the tie bet is averagely 14.4%, which means you will lose nearly 14.4 units per each 100 wagered units.

In Baccarat the best bet is actually for the dealer

Some specialists in casino activity claim that every newbie in the field of Baccarat should on mandatory place his/her first bet on the dealer.  It’s because the dealer is going to register a win slightly more than 50% of the time. And since the bookmaker doesn’t want to provide this bet edge, the win is charged with 5% commission.

In Baccarat, actually, you should bet on the dealer until he looses

Yes, that’s the easiest strategy to implement in your Baccarat experience. By the way, the biggest jackpots in this game have been registered exactly with this super simple tactic. Do you remember what I’ve told you – Baccarat is one of the easiest to be understood casino games ever!

You should better avoid the mini Baccarat

It’s a version of the original Baccarat game. You can find it in many websites, but basically in Asian platforms like Thaipokerleak the official game is listed. Hence, if you find the mini version, make sure not to test your skills on it, because it hides a couple of risks, including the faster speed of the gameplay and the fact that not the player, but the dealer places the bets.


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