Not all winnings are eligible for cash out. Players must know the applicable rules to withdraw their winnings.

In theory, winnings should be eligible for cash out if one is playing at an online casino with real money. Free spins and bets or wagering without risking any real money do not lead to cashable winnings. There is one difference though. No deposit bonuses may offer free spins or actual bets without the player putting in any real money. Such free spins or bets may lead to winnings and such rewards can be cashed out. However, there are certain restrictions in place. Let us explore the different rules applicable on such winnings and how they affect the eligibility for cash out.

Common Rules Pertaining to Winnings and Cashing Out

All real winnings can be cashed out, but subject to the withdrawal policy of an online casino. An online casino may have a minimum limit for withdrawal. This is largely to make the transaction reasonable for the casino to put its resources to use. Lack of limits will enable players to withdraw any random amount. Most online casinos have limits for withdrawals and deposits. This helps them to regulate the inflow and outflow.

Some winnings cannot be cashed out, unless certain terms are met. These eligibility criteria vary from one casino to another. The rules may also vary across different games. Slots, poker tables and other games can have distinct rules. Cashing out is also influenced by the mode of transaction. Rules applicable for crypto currencies may not be the same for dollar, pound or euro.

No deposit bonuses are not winnings. They are to be used to play a game. Welcome bonuses awarded on deposits can be cashed out. No deposit bonuses must lead to winnings for some real money to be withdrawn. Some online casinos do not provide winnings in real money for bets placed using no deposit bonuses. The same is true for free spins available as no deposit bonuses. Many casinos allow such winnings to be real money and they can be cashed out or used for further play. The withdrawal policy shall still apply, including the minimum amount.

No deposit bonuses are optional in some cases. The other option is welcome bonus subject to a deposit. Players must choose between the two. No deposit bonuses do not lead to huge winnings. Jackpots and progressive jackpots are typically out of question. Winnings for free spins and bets are capped by online casinos.


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