See what is more important when you login idn poker99 – luck or fast decisions. Discover why poker is about being smart, but not about being lucky.

Poker is one of the most loved, played and searched casino games in the world. A lot of experts in field bravely claim that poker is the king. This might be the main reason why so many newbies in gambling in general decide to start their activity in casino experience with poker. But is this a smart decision at all?

Let it put it clearly for you: we are not trying to discourage the casino novices to play poker games. On the contrary, poker is a fantastic game and those, who feel enthusiastic about it should definitely login idn poker99. What we try to tell these motivated newbies is that they should have realistic expectations about their future performance in online poker activity.

Because poker, dear enthusiasts, is a game of skills, but not a game of chance! If you doubt about that, here are a couple of reasons why we, as well as some of the biggest pros in the field, claim this:

  1. Every poker pro will tell you that the essence of good poker game is making the right decision in the right time. And good decisions depend on analytic skills and thinking rather than on intuition.
  2. Every small detail in poker matters. Even the selection of whether to login idn poker99 or to choose another betting provider matters. Each bet you place at the poker table can form up the final result you achieve in a tournament or in a cash game.
  3. Poker is also a game of minds. Some people even say that you need to be a good physiologist to play the game as a pro. Indeed, think about how much it takes for a player to learn how to bluff. Think about how much you can lose for not reading your opponents.
  4. Mathematics has a huge role in successful poker game. To be more specific, we are talking about real statistics skills and knowledge. Poker games require from the player to always think about what the rest of the players might have, which means they should think about the probabilities of each possible hand.
  5. Poker is a strategic game. Unlike online slots and games such as lotteries and Bingo, you cannot rely on the luck. In poker you should have a well-established strategy to start playing it for real money. The strategies in poker games are even two, but not one single. First, you need a strategy for the gameplay. And second, you need a fine poker budget management strategy to stick to.

Don’t let yourself lose lots of money due to the delusion that you can get lucky today and win a lot of money at a poker table. Instead, start thinking with your head and you will become a better player.


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