Read some crazy sport, esport betting and casino stories. Find out things you have never heard about and enrich your culture about your most beloved hobby in the world, the gambling activity.

When was the last time you have experienced some really crazy thing whether in a casino or in your beloved esport betting section? And when was the last time you have heard something really weird about gambling in general? Don’t tell us! We have quite spicier facts and stories to share with you today. Check out some truly crazy gambling stories every punter should hear about:

  1. The worst superstition about successful gambling experience we have ever heard about includes…pee for some luck. There’s a group of casino lovers in the States that have formed a society where the best practices for luck are used and tested. According to these people the most effective one is peeing over your shoes before entering a casino!
  2. There’s a legend according to which one of the most popular meals we have every day and at any point of the world – the sandwich – was actually invented in a casino. The story says that a big gambler named Montagu was so passionate about casino games that he just did not want to get out of it in order not to lose a chance for a win. One day he asked the servant in a casino to bring him some meat and two slices of bread for a bite. He joined the ingredients and thus, the world received its first sandwich.
  3. There are different types of casinos – digital and physical, poker-oriented and mixed, big and small. But the smallest casino in the world till these days is one that’s placed in a London cap. Wait, that’s not what you think. You cannot play casino games at the front seat. This casino is even smaller than you think. It takes only the back seat of the cap.
  4. The first slot wasn’t a gambling product. It wasn’t placed in a casino. It was installed at a place where cars get repaired. The owner of this place found out one day that the work got more, but he had a few employees to cover it. Until he managed to find new masters of car repairs, he decided to entertain the customers while they were waiting – for a longer than usual – time to receive their cars. And this entertainment was a slot machine.
  5. The first American license that made a casino officially legal was received due to a woman. Contrary to the opinion about women having nothing to do with the gambling world, we know discover that some of the female gamblers were the pioneers of the official and legalized gambling activity. All of these say us to be really suspicious for the female gamblers, guys. They are very smart.


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