Ever wondered what makes some people great players of Bitcoin Dice and what makes others not-so-great at the game even after being mentored by the masters of the game? Well, the difference lies in their personalities, as well as their money management skills. To be a great player, there are things you should learn and stick to. Below are the tips to follow if you want to move from being an amateur to a successful Bitcoin dice player. When should you hold them and when should you walk away?

Learn about the game

The secret held by the best players is not a secret per se. You could think of it as their willingness to amass knowledge, to learn everything there is to know about a game and to apply the knowledge gained the best way they know.

While online Bitcoin dice is in many ways similar to classic dice, you need to know about probability, and you also need to learn when to roll high and when to roll low. So, if you want to beat your competition and be the best in the game, focus on all the aspects of the game practice as much as possible, and get a grip on the rules.

Understand the strategies that work best for you

If you have a large bankroll, then you could use the Martingale strategy as it lets you win more by allowing you to win back losses. On the other hand, if you are a low-risk individual, you could follow the Paroli principle or even the D’Alembert method. Having a strategy that works for your finances will protect you from bankruptcy and also increase your chances of winning. Understanding strategy makes it easy for you to work out the probabilities of winning and losing.

Play at reliable sites

You need to know that you can trust the systems put up by a company. For this, we recommend working with sites that are provably fair. Such sites let you verify whether the game you are playing is fair or not. This element is also essential in that you can run some algorithms to prove that the site is not manipulating results. This is an important factor because the chances of having rigged results is high when you cannot prove if the games are provably fair or not.

Stick to your budget cap

Don’t we all know of all the people who’ve gone bankrupt because they bet with their rent money? Since you don’t want to walk down that path, you should always set a budget cap and respect it. You should know when you cannot afford to lose any more money.

This also means that you should know your limits. You don’t want to get caught up in the endless appeal of winning big. If you’ve made a reasonable win for the day, pack your bags and go home. You should also quit as long you are ahead of the game – don’t get overexcited with the idea of winning more if you just placed one last bet.

Take advantage of offers

As long as you can meet the wager requirements, take advantage of the offers, gifts and promotions offered.


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